10 Essential Photoshop Shortcuts

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Working in Photoshop is one thing but doing it efficiently is another. Photoshop has a host of time saving shortcuts that speed things up a lot but very few people use. Here are a few of my favorites.

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    I’m very impressed, the tutorio is very nice can i do it with photoshop cs3?

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      yes flora,u can do it with cs3!

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    thanks for your explanation about photoshop makes me expert working with photoshop

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  • Hi, May I ask which software are you using for tutorial?
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  • It is wonderful to view and read totorials from benevolent ones like you.You make survival easier for me.I love Photoshop CS5.Of course,I need more tutorials……

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    How often do you create new photoshop tutorials? Also, the tutorials that are already posted, can you go back to them- for example a year from now? please reply?

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      Yes, the tutorials will always be available. I try to create one new tutorial each week.

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    Hi Everyone, Can anybody make a tutorial on how to make a nice birthday tarpaulin on Photoshop. I wanted to learn how to make it the professional way. I’m just new to photoshop. Looking forward on seeing that tutorial. A million thanks.

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