Creating an Action to Whiten Teeth

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An in-depth Adobe Photoshop tutorial showing you how to whiten teeth. With this tutorial I chose to go through the steps fairly quickly. I have explained and zoomed into everything i did, but the flow is the tutorial is quite quick. I wanted to create an efficient tutorial to watch while you were following along and creating your own action. You will probably need to pause the video when you are learning the technique.

  • C.Mani

    it is a very good video and very good learning technique,it would be better, showing it little steady ,yes.good,cheers

  • it is a very good video and very good leaning theknique,it would be better,showing it tittle steady,yes good cheers

  • TonyW

    Fantastic tutorial!

  • Monica

    Your whole tutorials are fantastic, thankyou so much.
    please keep them coming.

  • rev

    Hello! Great tutorial. But how you Increases and decreases the brush? ))

    • Tyler Olson

      you can use the [ and ] brackets as as shortcut

  • Roland

    Explained well do so on

  • nice tutorial. its simple and quick and clear
    thanks for share