How To Change a Background in an Image

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This Adobe Photoshop tutorial gives an in-depth walk through of how to change the background in an image.  The tutorial starts with an image of a young man sitting on grass and changes the background to place him in a the tropical location of Malta.

The source files include the background and portrait used in the tutorial. You can also download the stock photos on

Download Source Files - Layered Tiff, Finished JPG

  • candy

    is this in CS4? because it sure looks different than my CS4 version of photoshop… just wondering. please let us know. Thank You.

  • It looks like that after burning the mask the quality is not good enough for stock

    • You’d certainly need to view the image at 100% to double check it. With a isolation like this one, I think it would be good enough for stock. it is very hard to see where the original lines were on something like hair that there is quite a bit of alteration possible without it looking unnatural.

  • amermagd

    New Photoshop Online on this link