How To Create a Vignette using Curves

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Download Source Files - Layered Tiff, Finished JPG

A 60 second Adobe Photoshop CS4 video tutorial showing you how to create an attractive vignette using curves. A vignette can be used to bring attention to a certain part of an image or isolate the subject from the background. Vignettes should be used in moderation but are very effective and create attractive images when used effectively.

Tools used: curves, gradient, layers, opacity slider

  • sonsako

    pretty nice man.! thnks for it.^^.

  • Marko Berić

    Outstanding tutorials. I’ve seen every single one of them, and I like the way that they’re not for beginners but for people who know some stuff about Photoshop but want to know techniques to do certain stuff. Is there any way we can subscribe to your tutorials?

    Also, can you tell me do you upload tutorial a day, or what’s the method?

    • Tyler Olson

      thanks for the encouraging comments.
      I try to upload a new tutorial every week. You can subscribe a number of ways.. check out this page

      • Marko Berić

        Thanks. Be sure I’m on your behalf 🙂

        Gonna watch it regularly.

  • Michael

    Thanks, I totally overlooked that method, it could have saved me a few steps when I did this yesterday. Thanks again for the reminder

  • Melanie

    I want to do this but I have the Photoshop Elements 5.0 version. There is no curves option. Do you know of another way to get the same look?

  • bhuvana

    very nice……..!!

  • jonjie