How-to Edit An Image Onto A Wall

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An in-depth tutorial showing you how to put a fake picture on a wall. The first step you need to do is have a picture of room. Then choose an image you want to virtually put on your wall. The Adobe Photoshop tutorial shows you the rest of the steps. This tutorial is great if you want to see how a painting or photo would look in your living room or office.

  • Hello. How can I download your very good video for mastery because i don’t have internet at home.
    Please help.

    • Tyler Olson

      I will consider adding video downloads in the future.

  • HR

    First, thanks for sharing, second, a question, if I had to do the same task
    you show in your video, I would have tried first to use “vanishing point”, now I see your method much more direct and simple, in your opinion, in what case you would use vanishing point instead of this method ?

    Thank you again
    (very useful to me some shortcuts I didn’t know, thanks)

  • thio hendra jasa

    please help me foto editing..thx

  • ciise

    picture mustbe edited

  • H/A

    that is good

  • Samrat Prajapati

    Thank u very much.
    I learned it very fast
    Its better than vanishing point tool

  • Jason

    Great Technique
    Well Explained.

  • Good concept and it’s very easy method. Thanks for creating and sharing good post.