How To Merge Two Layers [60 Seconds]

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A 60 Second beginner tutorial showing you multiple ways of merging layers as well as how the different ways of merging affect the outcome.

  • Thanks for this video.. It leaves me asking the question which cicumstances would I use each option for?
    Keep the vids coming 🙂

    • Tyler Olson

      Yeah, the 60 second tutorials don’t really go in depth on practical uses of the techniques. Check out the In-Depth Tutorials for the ‘full story’.

      The 60 second tutorials were designed to answer a single question – so that if you wanted to know, for example, how to merge layers you could quickly find out without having to watch a 10 minute tutorial.

  • very good

  • simon

    That is really cool…

  • sara

    How i can download this lecture

    • Tyler Olson

      Sorry, I don’t have a way to download the tutorials. Perhaps in the future.

  • dinesh singh

    how to find photoshop tips

  • dinesh singh

    can possible to download photoshop tutoral video

    • Tyler Olson

      Not yet, but I will consider making videos to download in the future.

  • Rulat

    how can i get a tutorial which is helpful for textileprint design making. iam doing freelance designig on paper.