How-To Photoshop a Person Into a Picture [In-Depth]

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This in-depth tutorial will show you the step by step process of editing a person into a photo. The tutorial shows how to merge to images with different people into one finished image.

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  • hamza

    i want this photo editor software ,so what can i do to get this software?

    • Tyler Olson

      You’ll have to purchase it from

  • Shauna

    Thank you so much!! I’ve never been able to photoshop anything and I just created the best christmas photo ever of my 3 kids.

  • Kasa Mesfin zegeye

    It’s my first time visit to the page and hope I’ll provide my comments based on experience.

  • cliff h

    great tutorial!

  • This one is nice

  • dizzyblonde

    It’s a great tutorial, but I’m still confused on how to do a couple of the things, I downloaded Photoshop 10’s trial version, and I hope that will help.