How to save PSD file as a JPG – Photoshop CS4 Beginner Tutorial

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Once you edit a file in Adobe Photoshop, the program will often want to save the image as a PSD file. This 60-second beginner tutorial will show you how to save an image as a JPG file when Photoshop tries to save it as a PSD or TIF file

  • cyril

    I am using Canon 400 D using CR2 RAW mode. I download the images and process them on CS3 Photoshop.

    I have now switched over to 500 D Canon and the CR2 RAW file cannot be processed in CS3 it says the file is not the right type.
    On converting the raw file thru the canon software Digital Professional to JPEG it can be edited in CS3. How can I solve this problem

    • Tyler Olson

      Have you installed all the updates for Camera Raw. Photoshop (or Camera Raw rather) needs to know how to ‘read’ a raw file. When a new cameras is released, Camera Raw doesn’t know how to read the RAW file so Adobe has to send out an update to the software.

  • Neon

    Hey I was watching your”saving imagein JPEG format. but when i change my image in to black and white, it does not give me the option of FPEG format even after following your direction in the video. and when i save my black and white image in to file, it becomes colored image again. what should i do?

    • Tyler Olson

      Hmm, I am not sure what is going wrong. Can you give a more detail explanation of what you are doing?

    • Hi, I think that is because the way you are saving the B&W conversion! So, if you save your B&W conversion as new document then you will be able to follow this Tutorial ( I think ). It really depends on how you are saving your B&W conversion. Hope this helps… if not then more info. of how you are converting the B&W will help towards your answer.

  • gclub

    Nice! Thank you.

  • fayaz

    want save psd file as jpg

  • Thank you! You saved me! I was using a 16 bit and so I couldn’t save it to jpeg and I had a deadline. Thank you for saving my life! No one else had this answer!

  • Tanish Baansal

    WOW ! thank’s a lot man you are amazing

  • flor


  • Tin Tin

    I Have Photoshop Cs6,
    In That When I Try To Save An PSD Image, There Is No JPEG Option,
    Let, Me Tell, What I Want To Do..?

  • Irish Kate

    I did click the save us but nothing appears..pls help..thank you