Edit a Piercing Into a Photo

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This is an in-depth Adobe Photoshop tutorial showing you how to edit a piercing into a portrait of yourself. A great way to see how you would look with a new piercing.

  • elahe

    very good

  • bieberfever


  • rtayl39

    WOW! Thats awesome as!… But i still don’t know how to do it :(?

  • MLinden

    I really enjoy all of ypur tutorials, but the clicking of your mouse is very distracting. Keep them (silently) coming.

  • lskdjfasdjf

    what are you using to make that?

  • sfdfnf

    Yea what did the person use :S

  • Darkie

    it says in the description… Adobe Photoshop

  • AnOrdinaryPotato

    How do you do this with potatoes?