Photoshop 101, Episode 1 – Introduction to Photoshop

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This video tutorial is a simple introduction to Adobe Photoshop CS4 and explains where the various tools and menus are and how to customize them to fit your own needs.

  • mar dela cruz

    do you have an ebook, cs4 tutorial for beginners, i mean no background in photoshop?

  • girard

    the best

  • aarti

    wonderful , ijust love it and want to c more ideas

  • Noel

    i really liked it, it’s a big help

  • nimmi

    Hi, why can’t I download this tutorial.

    • Tyler Olson

      Thanks for letting me know. I think I have the problem fixed now.

  • Gamalath

    I got it Thanks

  • Esharat

    Thanks for sharing video tutorial.

  • ChariRoss

    Nice tutorial! Have you ever heard of Photoshop Actions? It allows you to “record” the steps of a tutorial and save it as a single Photoshop Action file (.atn), which you can load up later to perform the same steps in a different image with a single click of a button!

    This allows you to re-create complex effects such as 3d effects, shade filtering, etc. with very minimal effort. On my website, I have a hand-picked collection of free Photoshop Actions, categorized for easy finding, as well as a full tutorial on how to install and use Photoshop Actions. Have a look: Free Photoshop Actions

  • Well explanation on basic of photoshop. For common use or for the beginners this tutorial must help. Specially the shortcut technique you explain. thanks.

  • Excellent work Sir. Very good explanations and you make it look so easy!

  • This is really a great tutorial for the beginner. Very nicely explained. Hopefully the beginner will get some good benefit from this video tutorial.Thanks