Photoshop Makeover – Cleaning Up Skin Blemishes

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This in-depth tutorial shows you the step-by-step process for a complete Photoshop makeover. The process used involves using the healing brush, Gaussian blur, layers, masks and curves.

Image Credits:
Problem skin
© Photographer: Bliznetsov | Agency:

Tools used: Brush, patch, curves, layer mask

  • Hi!i’m Iranian photographer.i’m teaching digital photography & photoshopCS(All editions)& such these.I have a digital photography institute(DPI)& a lot of students,how I can reach ur tutorials?

    • Tyler Olson

      I am not quite sure what you mean. The tutorials should be showing up on the website as YouTube videos – unless YouTube is blocked on your computer for some reason.

      • Durga Prasad

        photo shop is very good soft wares………..

    • Nastya

      Hi, my name is Nastya/ I want you to reach my knowledge about digital photography & photoshop CS4. Thank you!

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      hiii ahoora. im roshan.from srilanka. i would like to learn adobe photoshop. can u help me.

      • Tyler Olson

        yep, just watch the tutorials 🙂

  • taskman

    man, great tutorials, to the point, clear and voice understandable, great job. I wish you would have more thought. Excellent job. Taskman

    • Tyler Olson

      Glad you like them. Feel free to request tutorials on things you still wonder about.

      • arlene

        thanks for that wonderful and helpful tuorial…i like it..
        just have so much more to learn..

  • sHibZ

    This one is an amazing tutorial..Very well explained..Thank You…i have always wanted to learn photoshop!

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    Hi, Its great that I found your site. Im a 4th year school. and Im not great when it comes by editing pictures. could you help me?

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    hi I’m beginner for photoshop.I want to learn how to change pictures clothes6 It means wer=ar new clothes

  • Hi, Would like to know about the Skin makeover in Photoshop pls. Your jobs are great I quite appreciate them. thanks

  • hani iranian.ur site is excellent.I look forward for your new topics.


  • Joaquin

    Hi Tyler,
    I can only say: best tutorial of all kind that you are giving here and Im sure no one can do this more accurately than yours.
    However I have a tiny problem. Im still using CS3 (and Im pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to upgrade it to CS5 soon) I got some problem while trying to give my mask layer a black background in order to hide the Gaussian blur (at 2:15, approx.) because Ctrl+backspace seems not working.
    Is there any way you could help me with this. Maybe another way to make it black?
    Looking forward to your answer.
    Thank you very much

    • Tyler Olson

      My guess is you don’t have black as your background color.

  • hi
    i am jawad ali from sialkot pakistan. i am a graphic designer. i am the visitor of ur website and learn many lesson’s of photoshop. but some lesson are supoted with we have a problem this time youtube is not available in pakistan. kindly can u tell me any other website where i read lesson’s


  • thanks for the toutorial info but i wish to be more cleary in voice and i hope to have translation

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    i need to know who to download filters in adobephotoshop .

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  • Bryan Organ

    This is brilliant, so much better/simple than channels.

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    Hi I need help to remove text on photo how do I use photoshop I have try lots but it’s not helping me :-(:-(