Photoshop Tutorial: Chroma Key Isolated – How to Isolate An Image

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An in-depth Adobe Photoshop CS4 tutorial showing you how to isolate an image which is shot over a chrome key or green screen background. Having an image shot over a green screen makes the task of isolation very simple. Once the object or person is isolated it is a simple task to put then on top of a new image to create a new composition.

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Relaxing in the Tropics
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    Hi, great video! Are you familiar with to isolate an image and separate it, like they do in adverts? i.e. the separated image looks like it is moving away from the actual image which is blurred out in the back ground? Is that something that is achievable in Photoshop?

  • Haydn Bartlett

    The final result is very poor in my opinion. You can still see a green tint in the hair.