Photoshop Tutorial – How To Remove Ruler Guides [60 Seconds]

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A quick 60 second Adobe Photoshop tutorial showing you how to remove the ruler guides from a photo. Ruler guides are useful for aligning elements on an image but if you have troubles removing them it can be very frustrating 🙂

  • Thanks for this quick, clear & concise how to – fastest tutor on the web!
    QUESTION: Any way to get rid of automatic GRID lines that appear in CS5’S Crop Tool (and weren’t there in CS4)?

    • Tyler Olson

      Yeah, at the top there is a drop down box ‘Crop Grid Overlay’. Select your crop lines from there.

  • Thanks!)

  • Lucy

    good one, is there a way to clear all the rulers at the same time, instead of removing them one by one

    • Yeah, you can go to View > Show > Guides
      or press Ctrl + ;

  • ohj

    this is helpful because earlier i was really having hard time to remove the ruler from the photo and very annoying, i can’t figured it out..thanks a lot for the help.!

  • harris

    how to remove multiple guides sir….. because its hard to remove it one by one..

    • rahul bhavariya

      hello harris, have u khow? how to remove multiple guide lines.
      pls tell me if you khow……….

  • ctr + ;
    control key + Plus key + colon

    is the shortcut key to remove all the guide lines

    • kerriganmarois

      that just hides the guides

  • john

    how i do hide them all with a key stroke on a PC?

  • robert-jan

    is there a way to move multiple lines? cs6. not to delete the lines but to have the same ammount of pixels somewhere els, so u dont ahve to relook the ammount again to the right of the picture for example? thnx allot

  • Jorge

    To remove all guides at once, go to View > Clear Guides, and you can add a shortcut to that command